Sunday, January 29, 2006

Model Aircraft
I spent a great day recently with a group of aero model enthusiasts. I'm not a hobbyist myself, but I can appreciate all the hard work and passion that goes into this kind of activity. All way to the flying area, the guys discussed the relative sticking powers and virtues of gum arabic, selotape an bits of chewed gum (emergency only). When we arrived at the flying area, the surrounding fields had been freshly spread with manure and half the flies of the Middle East were there greet us and to make fun of the clumsy fixed-wing model planes we'd brought along with their infuriating inborn ornithropter skills.
One guy brought along a classic, all balsa Spitfire with a noisy two stroke engine. He was dead nervous as he taxied it down the short concrete strip that served as runway, scared of some split second error or gust that might send it thwunking into the ground for weeks of weekend and late-night repairs. But the Spit took off and began to circle above us with something of the style and the evocative silhouetter of its famous namesake.

The Spitfire model was of the type that enthusiasts build to closely resemble real manned aircraft. Other RC models are designed purely as flyers, with no design compromises for looks. These aircraft frames are made of balsa and fiberglass with polythene stretched over them. The engines are often electric, which makes for beautifully silent flying but requires relatively heavy batteries. They flew like birds, soared, swooped and spiralled lazily in thermals. It was a wonder to watch. One even had a small video camera in the nose, and on playback, after landing u could see its view of me running away as it dived down on me! The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.
On the journey home, I asked the guys for their engineering advice as to how to get people to read this blog. They unaminously agreed that I should include key words like nipple tit fantasy wet fuck and easy foolproof diet to catch the Google searchers. So I have...


Anonymous Abbas Raza said...

Hello Aguy109,

Thought I'd drop in at your place. I have never been a huge model airplane enthusiast (though I was close), but I was the only possible nerdier thing (growing up in Karachi): a paper plane enthusiast. When I was nine, my (much) older brother gave me a book by someone (if memory serves) names Barnaby that was a treasure-trove of information on how to fold various types of planes from an 8 and 1/2 by 11 inch piece of normal (bond) office paper. This made me crazy at first, because in Pakistan we didn't have this size, but then I figured out how to do it.

I can still fold a pretty mean "Barnaby" which can do loops and circles, but I don't have much opportunity to show off this talent of mine!

I assume you live in Israel. Where? What do you do? Just curious... You don't have to answer.

In any case, I appreciate your input at 3QD.

All best,


11:56 AM  

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